Concrete and polymeric liquid industrial floors

LTD. «Charoitbud» is a building company, created on the basis of collective of skilled specialists, having a long-term experience of works on the device of concrete chaffs and jointless polymeric coverages of floors of all types – both industrial and decorative.

Concrete and polymeric liquid industrial floors    Concrete and polymeric liquid industrial floors

We create concrete floors and polymeric floors, different types of screed floor (including marble-tesselated) decorative floors, polymeric coverages, industrial floors for production workshops, storages, laboratories, domestic and other apartments on the enterprises of different type.

In addition, LTD. «Charoitbud» renders a consultative help in the choice of optimum materials and types of floor coverages, and also gives services of chief-editing or technical helping works, executable forces of customer.

We execute widely the industrial floors of different constructions and any complication applied in the whole world on modern technologies from high-quality materials with the use of progressive equipment. Our liquid floors satisfy all requirements produced to the modern floor.

We execute plenty of objects of different complication. We always aimed and will aim high-quality and in time to execute our work. Our company undertakes guarantee obligations on all works, executed our specialists : concrete or polymeric coverages , industrial or decorative floors.

State license of AV 596683


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